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buttermilk-thegoat asked: "omg so i've been scrolling through the jason stiles tag trying to find someone who hates him as much as i do and even his FACE grosses me out he's so lame hsi facial hair looks more like pubic hair it's gross"

Hahahahaha omg you’ve got a point about the hair I don’t think I can ever look at him the same way.

To be fair he’s a mildly entertaining character but I find his relationship with Lorelai to be pretty creepy…like, she literally only dated him to piss off her mom. He’s mostly harmless and has some funny lines but watching any scenes of him and Lorelai in bed or anything just makes my arm hair stand up.

(Also sorry I promise I’m not trying to offend any…er…potential Jason fans reading this…)

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gilmore girls appreciation week » favorite season finale
↳ those are strings pinocchio (season 3)



After watching Gilmore Girls shipping wars go many rounds (frequently adding my own two cents, or more), I’ve often wondered what makes people have such differing STRONG opinions on which characters are better suited for one another. I especially wonder how much it depends on personality, age, and how many times the fan has watched the series.

SO…I made a survey so that perhaps I…and you…can find out.

Now all I need is a plethora of Gilmore Girls fans to take the survey.

EDIT: I just realized that this lovely poll tells me almost nothing about the correlation BETWEEN the data. *facepalm* (for example, it doesn’t tell me how many people of personality type X or age X ship Lorelai with X). So…if you could (please, luke. please, please, please.) reblog this with your results, I’ll be able to compile them into something useful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

To get the ball rolling: INFP, 34-36, 4-10 times, Lorelai/Luke, Rory/Jess

I don’t trust this particular test because every single time it gives me a different result and none of those results match up with any from other tests I’ve taken/my own ideas about my personality…

BUT for what it’s worth I think I’m probably an INFJ (or maybe INTJ…or somewhere in between), 19-21, 4-10 times and obviously Luke/Lorelai, Rory/Jess all the way.


Who should I do next? 


You could do a best of Hep Alien, like the best from Zack, Brian, Gil and Dave…or maybe just best of Gil since he’s got so many epic lines to himself!

Or…let’s see…townspeople? Either as a group or as individuals like Kirk, Miss Patty or Babette.


gilmore girls appreciation week

day five: favorite scenes | 1. you didn’t lose me


gilmore girls appreciation week

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Gilmore Girls Appreciation Week 2014 
Day 7: Favorite Season Finale - Season 2

I’m so damn lonely not even animal planet does it for me anymore.