I am about to commence with day 1 of journeying through all 153 Gilmore Girls episodes - backwards. It was all my mom’s idea - she says this way, the episodes will just get better. She has a point…


Luke & Lorelai - Season 2 (requested by anonymous)

I don’t have very many people in my life who are in my life permanently forever. They will always be there for me. I will always be there for them, you know? There’s Rory, and Sookie, and this town and … you. I mean, at least I think I’ve got…

You do.

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labeautifulnightmare asked: "I have found myself wondering what would have happened if Luke known about April her entire life and she was on the show from the beginning"

That’s an interesting question. I mean, him and Anna probably would’ve broken up anyway and I suppose they would’ve had to both parent April. But of course Anna being a control freak and keeping knowledge of April from Luke was, well, why she was Anna.

I’m really glad this didn’t happen though…aside from it obviously meaning the entire show would’ve been different, it also would’ve completely ruined the charm of Luke’s relationship with both Rory and Jess.

It’s interesting - when thinking about the series as a whole, I feel like April was completely unnecessary and pointless - any huge random “reveal” would’ve been. But when looking specifically at season 6 and 7, and April’s character/interaction with other characters, I think she could’ve been interesting.

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Just watched How To Get Away With Murder…and yes, it is difficult to see Paris as anyone except, well, Paris. But like, damn, that was a really, really good pilot and I hope the show stays that good, because just on first glance it seems like the plot would make more sense for a movie or miniseries.

(Also, this is totally confirmation that Paris did actually become a lawyer, not a doctor. Much more fitting.)

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my unpopular gilmore girls opinion is that actually i really like april nardini, even though she was a huge part of luke and lorelai’s breakup. not saying it was worth it, but i like her

Same. She had the potential to be an interesting character, especially if Lorelai and Luke had gotten married in season 7 and had to co-parent her with Anna. I always thought it would’ve been interesting to have had her be (or at least become) a bit more like Bay Kennish (who Vanessa Marano plays on Switched At Birth) - because the beginnings of rebellion and sassiness were definitely there in April’s character. 

None of that is to be confused with my absolute annoyance that the writers would try to mess up Lorelai and Luke with a “long-lost kid” at the 11th hour, and I really do often wonder whether her character was actually necessary - like, it could’ve been, if she hadn’t been used as an excuse to have Luke become super OOC and fuck up everything he and Lorelai had worked so hard towards.

My #1 problem I think is that Luke needed to tell Lorelai about April himself. It still would’ve been dramatic and weird and hard but it would’ve been less infuriating and stupid and they probably wouldn’t have broken up because of it.

(Note: I do get the frustration at the “smartness” of her character - not so much because I think she’s too much like Rory, but because how many hyper-intelligent characters does this show already have? We have Rory, who loves reading, learning and studying; Paris, who works extraordinarily hard to be an ace student; Jess, who is exceptionally smart but only when he’s intrinsically motivated - all these among others like Tana or Logan, who are very smart in their own way. But the thing was, they were each very different in their intelligence and the writers made sure to make them nuanced. With April I felt like her personality made sense, but her natural talent and exceptional drive in school seemed completely out of place for a mom who seemed to care less about academics. That part felt the most unrealistic, IMO.)



So, as I’m sitting here working on a Gilmore Girls re-watch post (because I love this show and I just can’t help myself), I was hit with a random question: how old is Luke Danes?

I assume he is around Lorelai’s age, probably a few years older. But it’s a character trait that’s never addressed on the show. (Probably because it’s not that important. Yet, I find that I’m still curious to know the answer.)

The closest approximation that we get to his age, that I can remember, occurs in season 4 when Liz and TJ pop into town for the Firelight Festival. Liz also mentions that she’s there to attend her high school reunion. 20 year reunion I assume? Her friend Carrie, who makes passive aggressive flirtatious comments to Luke whenever she sees him, remarks that “all the girls had a crush on Butch Danes in high school.” Again, this would put Luke a few years older than Liz.

Anyways, I couldn’t help but wonder: how old is he? Not that it really matters…I’m just another fangirling Gilmore Girls fan that spends wayyy too much time analyzing her favorite shows.

Carry on, Gilmore lovers. Carry on. ☺️

I’ve always thought he was a couple of years older. I’m assuming Liz had Jess when she was in her late teens, maybe early twenties. Nineteen perhaps? Luke is her older brother, so let’s say he was 21 when Jess was born. He would be 38 in season 2 to Lorelai’s 33 then. Five years sounds like a reasonable age difference, doesn’t it?

Okay, so you are right, it was Liz’s 20th high school reunion, and she says she was in the “class of ‘84”. This puts Liz about 2 years older than Lorelai - Lorelai was born in April 1968 which means had she graduated, it would’ve been in 1986 (though at one point she refers to herself as in the “class of ‘85” but I assume she misspoke). This is also shown when she goes to Harvard and looks hard at the Valedictorian in the class of 1990 - the year she would’ve graduated college. If Carrie was in Liz’s class, they must’ve been in high school at the same time, meaning Luke could only be 1-3 years older than Liz. I kind of doubt he was just one year older, since she seems to consider him a “big brother” and one year really isn’t much of a difference. My guess would be that he is 2-3 years older than Liz, meaning 4-5 years older than Lorelai.





I got 49/50 only because they marked it incorrect when I put that Richard only had one heart attack, not two…

It marks it as correct, when you put one now. But, which play did Kirk direct? I know he was the director of Patty’s one-woman show, but that wasn’t a play.

Yeah according to the comments they must’ve changed it after I took it! I don’t remember what play Kirk directed (or if he did?) - I kind of got that one by process of elimination - obviously he was never a receptionist at the inn. Maybe the quiz writers are thinking of his movie, or when he acted in Fiddler on the Roof?

Well, he only worked unofficially at the Dragonfly, in the episode Come Home, when he crashed the staff meeting and Sookie’s kitchen. Then he’s seen working at the reception, when Lorelai catches Sookie (“the ghost”) watching Dark Shadows and eating Toblerones. Maybe they did mean the movie or his role in Fiddler on the Roof… who knows. :)

Whoa! I can’t believe you caught that! My Gilmore-minutia knowledge post-season 4 is kind of shaky, but looking at the transcript, you’re absolutely right. I don’t know if it qualifies as him “working” as a receptionist at the inn but it’s certainly closer than him directing a play (unless someone can figure out that there is a mention of this at some point?)